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All the images on the following pages are (c)opyrighted to their respective artists... NOT me, surprisingly enough. *grin*

I am in NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM benefiting from displaying these images and would really appreciate not being sued. I love artwork and feel that, by spreading beauty around the world, everyone will be a whole lot happier.

I have provided all © information, as well as official sites where applicable, so if you like an artist I have listed PLEASE go & visit their site. Also, Tripod has not allotted me much storage space, so many of the galleries have a maximum of 5 images.

FYI: There is no nudity or abnormally violent images in any of the galleries at this time, but there *may* be nudity in the future. If any of that is a problem for you, please do not continue.

It's your choice.
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